WATCH: Unblurring the Lines of Masculinity


There was a time when honor, duty, and valor were expected of men. But today, the lines of masculinity are often blurred.

From the feminist movement of the 1960s to current gender debates, author William Bennett says boys are left with a confusing choice.
“We put down manhood and then we complain, ‘Where are the men? Where are the men worth marrying?” Bennet said.
“Where are the men who will be good role models for the children? Where are the men to coach, to train, to be ideals for boys to look up to?'” he asked. “But you can’t have it both ways.”
In his new book, The Book of Man: Readings on the Path to Manhood, Bennett sets out to reclaim masculinity, and define manhood to a new generation.
The book includes stories, historical vignettes, and contemporary profiles that young men can relate to.
Bennett warned that without clear role-models, today’s young men will choose perpetual childhood, waste time with pointless activities, and shrug their God-given responsibilities.
William Bennett talked about his book The Book of Man and its purpose, on Wednesday’s “The 700 Club.” Click play for the complete interview.

Julia Gabriel

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