Are the Recent Violent Flash Mobs a Spiritual Issue?


Flash mobs have become a pop culture phenomenon, popularized when videos of large groups of people breaking out in song and dance in public places started showing up on YouTube.

But the flash mob craze has recently taken a dangerous turn, with a recent trend of “flash robs” showing up across the country.
The National Retail Federation reports that 10 percent of retailers surveyed in July have reported flash robs at their stores. With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, many fear that number could spike.
Mob Mentality Amuck
At one 7-Eleven store in Maryland, dozens of young people removed items from store shelves and walked out without paying for them.
Flash rob incidents have also been reported in cities across the country, including Chicago, Milwaukee, and Dallas, Texas.
In Philadelphia, there have been several cases of aggressive and even violent flash mobs.
At the Macy’s department store in Centre City district, a group of 150 teens rushed into the store. Once inside, they knocked customers to the floor and over turned store displays.
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Charlene Israel

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