California City Lifts Prayer Ban at Council Meetings

4309.jpgAn advocate for religious liberty applauds a decision by one California city to end a policy that prevented religious leaders from invoking the name of Jesus in prayers.

Laguna Niguel city council members agreed to alter the city’s religious neutrality policy and removed statements that banned all mention of Jesus Christ or other religious figures. They also changed the guidelines for the city’s holiday parade. The Orange County Register notes that the parade will now accept entries that display “religious, political and social viewpoints” provided they do not promote a particular agenda.
Faith McDonnell, director of the Religious Liberty Program with The Institute on Religion & Democracy, says, “This is really an impressive opening for freedom of speech and for freedom of religion.”
Council members say they made the changes in order to avoid targeting a specific religion, This year the city has seen various religious leaders give the invocation at council meetings, including Christian pastors, Buddhists, a rabbi and a Baha’i leader.
Source: One News Now | Becky Yeh

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