Mormonism Is a Cult, Pastor Mark Driscoll Says


With Mitt Romney campaigning as one of the GOP front-runners for president, his Mormon religion is coming under increasing scrutiny.

The Mormon question is especially critical to a key part of the GOP base — conservative evangelical Christians. Texas Pastor Robert Jeffress made national headlines recently when he labeled Mormonism a cult after introducing Texas Gov. and presidential candidate Rick Perry.
Now Mark Driscoll, pastor of the high-profile Seattle-based Mars Hill Church, has added his voice to the fray — agreeing that Christians should consider Mormons as members of a “cult” and not “brothers and sisters in a common faith.”
Writing on his website Tuesday, Driscoll goes on at length about the various definitions of a cult. He is careful to say that Mormonism has “outgrown” the popular culture and sociological definitions of a cult because of its enormous growth and general acceptance in the nation.
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SOURCE: The Seattle Times
Jim Brunner

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