Black Conservative, Charles Butler, Says Obama Is Losing with Liberals for Failing to Fulfill Campaign Pledges


A radio host and member of the Project 21 network of black conservatives isn’t surprised that President Barack Obama is losing his base.

According to Charles Butler, the president is losing his base with liberals because he has not lived up to many of his campaign pledges, including “pledges of giving secretaries and janitors a way to wealth, just like the CEO. He promised to get out of Gitmo, he promised if we passed the stimulus bill that everyone would have a job and [that] wealthy people [would] share a little more.”
Couple that with things like ObamaCare, the Afghanistan surge, and the lack of border protection, and Butler says President Obama has squandered his incoming goodwill.
Then there is the plight of black America — the president’s core constituency. While blacks delivered more than 96 percent of their votes to Obama in 2008, Butler points out that the unemployment rate for blacks remains higher than many other ethnicities, including in the president’s hometown of Chicago, where it is more than 20 percent.
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SOURCE: OneNewsNow
Chris Woodward

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