Unfortunately, God’s Name Is Not on Any of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Quotes on the Inscription Wall at the Memorial


God does not feature in any of Martin Luther King’s quotes carved on the prominent Baptist minister, social activist and civil rights hero’s memorial that was dedicated Sunday in Washington D.C.

The new memorial depicting Dr. King was finally dedicated this weekend, after being postponed because of an earthquake that originated in Virginia and swayed Washington, and then because of Hurricane Irene. A prominent element of the memorial is the 450-foot-long crescent-shaped granite Inscription Wall with fourteen of Dr. King’s notable quotes engraved in it.
As some Christian observers pointed out recently, none of those quotes mention God since Dr. King was not only an activist, a preacher. The lack of as much as a mention of God on the memorial caused anger among some Christians.
“Dr. King was an ordained Christian minister and pastor who made faith in God and the teachings of Christ the central part of his life and message,” the Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition in Washington, D.C., commented on the issue in a statement. “The heart of the civil rights movement was rooted in the church and drew its strength from the timeless truths proclaimed by God. Not to include any mention of ‘God’ in the quotes at the memorial is a betrayal of the life, legacy and teachings embraced and lived by Dr. King.”
Mahoney wondered in a press release published Sunday: “How is it possible to have a memorial dedicated to a Christian minister, who based his entire message on faith in God and the teachings of Christ and whose movement was founded in the church and not include even one mention of God?”
“Simply stated, it is very troubling, dishonest, and should be corrected,” Mahoney declared.
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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Luiza Oleszczuk

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