Head of Jesus Broadcasting Network to Run for President in Honduras

Esteban José Handal PérezThe imposing figure of Esteban José Handal Pérez sat quietly in the lobby of a hotel in Seoul, Korea, when I caught up with him for an interview.

Pictured: Esteban pictured in Seoul with his wife María (Photo: Dan Wooding)

It was then, while he was in town with his wife María Isabel Rodríguez, with whom he has three children — Esteban, Miguel and Joan Abigail — to attend the 29th Anniversary celebrations of Manmin Central Church, that he revealed to me that he is planning to run for the presidency of his home country of Honduras.

I had first met Esteban back in 2002 when I went to his home city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras where he was born in 1965, to report on a unique outreach there.

At that time, it was nearly four years after the devastating Hurricane Mitch had ripped across Honduras, leaving more than 5,000 dead, over 12,000 injuries and 8,000 missing.

Honduras had suffered the greatest damage from Hurricane Mitch, which after stalling off the northern coast of Honduras, traveled inland on October 30-31, 1998, leaving a trail of widespread destruction. In some places wind velocities reached more than 180 miles-per-hour, and over six feet of rain fell.

But at the end of July, 2002, a new hurricane, which some have called “Hurricane Jesus”, swept the nation bringing life, not death.

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Source: Dan Wooding, ASSIST News Service

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