California Church Votes to Cut Ties With Presbyterian Church USA Over Acceptance of Homosexual Minister


Members of First Presbyterian Church of Enid voted 131-69 to leave Presbyterian Church U.S.A. during a vote immediately after morning worship Sunday.

The Rev. Roy Schneider, senior pastor of the church, announced the vote. Schneider said 200 of the 290 members of the church were present and voted. Prior to the vote, Schneider read a message from the Presbytery, the governing body, saying the vote is non-binding, and any changes in membership will be made after requested by individual members.
Schneider said there will be no immediate action, and asked all of the members to stand and tell at least three people “I love you in Christ” before the vote. Then there was a moment of silent reflection, followed by a prayer to hear that “still small voice” of God.
The ballot was simple, asking voters whether they wanted to remain members of Presbyterian Church U.S.A., or whether they preferred to withdraw. The latter group prevailed.
The church had been in tense discussion for several months about issues it faced. Many members have been concerned about the reported liberal stances the national church has been taking. The Layman, a magazine that presents itself as a conservative advocate to the progressive Presbyterian Church U.S.A., states the Presbyterians “in the pews” are fighting a tide of cultural accommodation swamping the church.
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SOURCE: Enid News and Eagle
Robert Barron

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