Misleading Reports on Iran Pastor’s Retrial is Raising Concern

Youcef NadarkhaniMisleading reports about Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani are continuing to spread, raising concern among supporters that the world will soon dismiss the severity of his case.

Nadarkhani has been imprisoned in Iran for two years on charges of apostasy. He’s now facing the death penalty after refusing several times in court to recant his faith.

The Iranian media is reporting that a retrial has been set over concerns of how Nadarkhani’s case was handled.

But the American Center for Law and Justice confirmed with Nadarkhani’s lawyer that no retrial was ordered.

“What’s worse is that the mainstream media has begun to run these [Iranian] reports as fact,” Jordan Sekulow, ACLJ executive director, said.

The ACLJ, which has been following Nadarkhani’s case from the beginning, explained that reports about a retrial mistakenly refer to a hearing that already occurred late last month.

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Source: CBN News

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