African Doctor Believes in Praying for Patients, Divine Healing

Dr. Zipporah W. NgumiDr. Zipporah W. Ngumi is a Kenyan anesthetist who believes in praying for her patients and says she has seen many healings.

“I believe in healing because Jesus Christ himself, when he was on the earth, healed many people,” she told me during an interview at the recent 29th anniversary of the Manmin Central Church in Seoul, Korea.

“I believe in prayers of faith and I pray for my patients and I have known over and over again that God has intervened in response to those prayers.

“I pray that many more doctors would do this and pray for patients and never give up on any patient whatever sickness they may have because the Lord says ‘I am the Lord that healeth thee.'”

I then asked her what she does when a prayer is apparently not answered.

“When someone doesn’t get healed, I pray again and I tell the patient not to give up and I try to ask myself why this has not happened and then I know that the answer belongs to God. Yes, it is God’s decision in the long run. But He does respond to our prayers and I don’t give up.”

Are there a lot of Christian doctors in Kenya?

“We have Christian Medical fellowship which is composed of doctors and dentists and their associates and we believe in God and we are expecting most of them will be attending the World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN_ conference next May in Nairobi ,so they can be encouraged and strengthen their faith,” she said.

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Source: Dan Wooding, ASSIST News Service

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