Watch: Ed Schultz and Michael Eric Dyson say Herman Cain is Pandering to White Republicans Who Do Not Like Black People. Is That True?

3-300x205.jpgOn Wednesday night, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz’s brought on Georgetown professor and author Michael Eric Dyson to discuss Herman Cain’s assertion that race is a non-issue for his supporters. In his segment, Schultz refers to our exclusive audio recording (Thanks Ed!) of Cain’s appearance on Neal Boortz’s show.

In case you missed it, here’s a taste:
In their radio interview, Boortz asked Cain to define what it could possibly mean to be an “authentic black” person. Cain responded that he didn’t know, before proceeding to trace his family tree back to his ancestors’ experience as slaves in Georgia (which prompted Boortz to ask whether he had any relatives who may have been slaves on the South Carolina plantation owned by members of his family). Cain then called talks about “authentic blacks,” a “crass, desperate attempt to try and, here again, insult me. What do they mean by ‘authentic’?”
Cain had also told Boortz that many black Americans on the left, despite their claims to the contrary, end up being more bigoted than “the white people that they’re claiming to be racist.” Later on, he and Boortz agreed that Barack Obama has never been a part of the “black experience” in America — a sentiment which contradicts and undermines Cain’s earlier frustration at the idea that there exists such a thing as an “authentic” black person, who acts and thinks and speaks a certain way.
Dyson’s reaction to the Boortz interview?
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SOURCE: Mediaite – Alex Alvarez

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