WATCH: Cain, Obama, Morris Day and The Time

Morris-Day-and-Time-hand-640_s640x427.jpgHerman Cain has rocketed out of nowhere to take the 2012 GOP presidential race by storm.

Mr. Cain is accomplished, successful, and very likable.  Regardless of whether or not he wins the nomination, in a short amount of time he has gone from an amiable curiosity to a top tier contender.
The former radio host and CEO of Burger King and Godfather’s Pizza has shined in the debates, and his 9-9-9 economic plan has garnered significant attention.
Mr. Cain would reduce the income tax rate to 9%, the corporate tax rate to 9%, and institute a 9% consumption tax. When Mr. Cain was in single digits in the polls, his plan was ignored. Now that he is moving up in the polls, his 9-9-9 plan is coming under much closer scrutiny.
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann joked that when it was turned upside down, “the devil was in the details.” For those who missed the joke, think 6-6-6.
Comedian Dennis Miller had a hysterical take, implying that it was German: nein, nein, nein, which means “no, no, no!”  (Miller likes Cain.)
Yet while there are strengths and weaknesses to the plan, at least Cain has a plan. He has started a discussion worth having. In future debates another question still needs to be asked.
Where is Barack Obama’s plan?
Obama did offer a “jobs bill” that was dead on arrival from his own party. Yet at no time since the 2010 “shellacking” he took in the midterm elections has he actually released a credible economic plan.
His 2012 reelection strategy was to take the GOP nominee and demonize them. Naturally the race card would be part of this demonization. Yet Cain is black, and has vowed that he would win one-third of the black vote in the general election. If this came to pass, Obama would be fired and the Democratic Party would be finished as we know it.
The threat from Mr. Cain to the Obama White House is so severe that Barack Obama has finally released his economic plan.
The plan is modeled after Mr. Cain’s plan, and is called the “7-7-7” plan.
The 7-7-7 plan is actually what President Obama has done since the day he entered the Oval Office, but without the formal name.
Now the 7-7-7 name is official. So what is 7-7-7?
This is where Obama hires some advisors with zero experience, rolls the dice, and hopes everything comes out ok.
While Harry Reid is the Senator from Nevada, it is President Obama who has gambled the entire future of America by pinning it all on “hope.”
Like a down-and-out gambler blowing on the dice before furiously throwing them to the end of the craps table carpet, Obama knows he is down to his last roll. Given his complete lack of substance, coming up with new ideas is impossible. The only solution is to repackage failed ideas with an exciting new title.
By embracing 7-7-7, President Obama can point out that this adds up to 21. 21 = blackjack, proving that the plan has to be a winner.
Source: The Washington Times | The Tygrrrr Express by Eric Golub

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