More than 120 Unborn Lives Saved from Abortion

More than 120 unborn lives have been saved from abortion since the 40 Days for Life campaign was launched Sept. 28.

The worldwide twice-a-year campaign, first held in 2004, involves peaceful pro-life volunteers praying outside abortion clinics for 40 days. There are more than 300 locations this year, and since its inception more than 4,300 unborn lives have been spared. 
Vigil participants in Grand Rapids, Mich., this year saw three unborn children delivered from abortion in the same day. The mother or parents of each one accepted the offer of a free ultrasound at a local pregnancy help center after talking with 40 Days volunteers outside the abortion clinic. The parents were able to view images of their children, convincing them not to have abortions.
In Worcester, Mass., vigil participants prayed outside while a woman walked into an abortion center with her boyfriend and 9-month-old son for an appointment. After viewing a sonogram of her unborn child at the clinic, she changed her mind and expressed excitement about giving birth.
Source: Baptist Press
Compiled by Tom Strode, Washington bureau chief for Baptist Press.

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