Paul Crouch Jr. Is Leaving TBN to Pursue Other Ministry Work


Paul Crouch Jr. is leaving the Christian broadcasting network his parents pioneered 38 years ago.
Paul Crouch Jr. (TBN)

Sources familiar with the matter told Charisma News that a memo was circulated to employees on Monday afternoon announcing the decision. Trinity Broadcasting Network legal counsel and national spokesman Colby May confirmed Crouch’s departure on Tuesday.
“Paul Jr. has resigned from the organization to pursue other ministry work,” Colby told Charisma News. “A memo was circulated yesterday at the network advising people that he’s leaving. I don’t know the specifics of his ministry plans.”
The eldest son of TBN founders Paul and Jan Crouch, Crouch served as vice president and chief of staff at TBN. Along with his brother, Matt Crouch, Crouch is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the network. Coby says Crouch, Sr. will take over the chief of staff duties until a permanent replacement is found.
The younger Paul Crouch often hosted TBN’s flagship program, Praise the Lord. He also hosted Behind the Scenes. Known as “PJ” by his friends, Crouch was recently named one of the Top 50 Most Influential Christians in America by the Church Report.
Most recently, Crouch pioneered a new online service that aims to deliver TBN’s best programming–both past and present–to Web audiences all over the world. Dubbed iTBN, the platform rolled out in September.
Source: Charisma News | Jennifer LeClaire

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