Just as Gutenberg’s printing press paved the way for the Reformation and changed the world’s economic, social and spiritual order, today’s digital technology is dramatically transforming the religious dynamics of our world.

Bible League International has joined with Digital Bible Society (DBS) to create a virtual Christian library with multiple free Bible versions and translations and hundreds of hours of audio and video materials, all on a DVD or other digital storage device.
“It’s like a miniature Christian bookstore,” said Robert T. Frank, global CEO of Bible League International (BLI). “Working with Digital Bible Society, we’re able to expand our ministry’s impact exponentially. We can get these materials into areas where believers are persecuted and in places where the demand for Scripture far outweighs the supply. Even in impoverished areas, we’re placing all of this Christian material into the hands of ordinary people who can’t afford to buy even one Bible.”
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SOURCE: Charisma News Online
Melany Ethridge