Thanks Steve Jobs for Helping Us Reach the World for Christ


Steve Jobs will be remembered for many things, including his creative genius, his cutting-edge innovations, and his numerous contributions to the technological world, but will he also be remembered for his Christian faith?
Flowers in memory of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs are seen outside an Apple Store in Central Sydney October 6, 2011. 

Undoubtedly not. Many knew Jobs to be a Buddhist. Nevertheless, pastors, Christian leaders, and theologians are all celebrating Jobs for his critical role in advancing Christ’s cause and the Great Commission.
Dr. Michael A. Milton, chancellor-elect of Reformed Theological Seminary, in a statement released on Thursday, linked the Apple co-founder oddly with The Great Commission.
“We at RTS remember that [Jobs’] contributions and the contributions of his company, Apple Computer, became critical collaborators in seeking to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.”
“That sounds like an odd alliance, doesn’t it,” Milton confessed.
“But this is the God who raised an Empire, the Roman Empire, that linked far-flung cities and territories with efficient governance, ‘super highways’ of their day, and allowed St. Paul and an innumerable host of disciples of Jesus Christ to get on that ramp, and transport Christ’s message of hope and freedom to the ends of the world.”
“I will remember the legacy of Steve Jobs in a way that he might not have thought of, as the founder of an empire that linked the world in order to bring Christ to those who have never heard.”
Passing no judgments, the chancellor commended Jobs and his family “to a God whose grace and love is greater and wider than we could ever imagine.”
“In God’s common grace, He used this man’s innovation and creativity to build a new Roman Road to the world – a pathway through the extremities of a world still held in the tyranny of despots and dictators, poverty and radical religious fetters,” Milton added.
The Reformed leader listed iTunes, iPads and iPhones as tools being used to spread the Gospel.
Source: Christian Post | Eryn Sun 

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