Is Misinformation Affecting the Peace Process In the Middle East?

Gilo_LG.jpgIsrael is again facing accusations of trying to sabotage the peace process.  The criticism centers on plans to build in Jerusalem, but Israel says the controversy is based on misinformation.

The international firestorm ignited when Israel announced plans for more than a thousand new housing units in Gilo, Jerusalem’s third largest neighborhood.
Gilo is just a few miles from the center of Jerusalem. Some 40,000 Israelis live in the quiet community.  The area is widely referred to as a “settlement,” but Israel says it’s just another neighborhood.
“Gilo is definitely not a settlement. No way. It’s one of the three largest neighborhoods of Jerusalem,” Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Naomi Tsur told CBN News.
Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon told journalists Israel has a right and a need to build there.
“You can see we are here in the heart of a pulsating vibrant city,” Ayalon said. “You look to the west, you look to the east, you look to the south, you see all around us building.”
“This is a neighborhood that is an integral part of Jerusalem,” he added.
Source: CBN News | Julie Stahl

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