Sarah Palin Is Not Running for President – Thank Goodness!

palin x-inset-community.jpg

Sarah Palin made it official Wednesday: She won’t run for president.
Sarah Palin addressing the Tea Party Express rally in Manchester, N.H., last month.  

In a letter to supporters, the 2008 vice presidential nominee took herself out of the running for the Republican nomination.
Instead, Palin said she can be more effective helping other Republicans win office as governors, members of Congress and president.
It was a shorter, sweeter retreat than New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s official bowing-out on Tuesday, which came at a lengthy press conference in Trenton.
Taken together, the twin Shermanesque statements pretty much leave Republicans facing what’s likely to be the complete GOP field — dominated by Mitt Romney and a fading Rick Perry, and with pizza magnate Herman Cain rising in the polls.
Most Republicans had not expected Palin to run ever since Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann got into the race and soared to the top in the Iowa straw poll. But Bachmann’s stumbles since then opened the door a bit for another female contender with strong conservative credentials.
Source: USA Today | Richard Wolf

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