President Barack Obama Comes Out on Top Among Presidential Candidates as Most Honest and Smartest


A new survey reveals how Americans view the current top tier presidential candidates when it comes to honesty, intelligence, philosophy of government and leadership ability. And who came out on top? President Barack Obama was chosen as the most honest and most intelligent.
U.S. President Barack Obama shakes hands with a member of the audience after he speaks about the Americans Job Act at Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas, October 4, 2011.

The Barna survey, released Wednesday, asked Americans to rate Obama and two of the top Republican candidates – former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry – on those four attributes. The public gave the best ratings to Obama on every attribute except leadership ability.
Nearly half (48 percent) of those surveyed rated Obama’s honesty as “excellent” or “good” on a five-point scale; a majority (68 percent) gave the same ratings to Obama on the intelligence factor; and 45 percent found Obama’s philosophy of government to be excellent or good.
Romney had the second best scores overall, with 36 percent finding his honesty above average, 57 percent saying the same for his intelligence, and 39 percent viewing his philosophy of government favorably.
Perry came out with the lowest scores on those three characteristics. On honesty, 31 percent gave the Texas governor excellent or good ratings, 42 percent found his intelligence above average, and 32 percent said his philosophy of government was excellent or good.
The three candidates received similar ratings on leadership ability. Forty-six percent gave Romney a positive rating, 42 percent rated Obama favorably, and 41 percent said Perry has excellent or good leadership ability.
Source: Christian Post | Audrey Barrick

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