WATCH: Joel and Victoria Osteen on Piers Morgan Tonight Say They Would Not Have a Problem Attending a Homosexual Wedding or Voting for a Mormon President, However, Joel Stood Firm on His Belief that Homosexuality is a Sin

Joel OsteenThe senior pastor of America’s largest Christian church said Tuesday that he not only would have no problem voting for a Mormon presidential candidate, like Republican Mitt Romney, he also would not rule out the possibility of some day voting for a Jewish or even Muslim candidate for the nation’s highest office.

“Sure I could,” said Joel Osteen, leader pastor of Houston’s Lakewood Church, in an appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight, which airs on CNN. However, he added, “90 percent of America is Christian so I’m pretty sure I’d find somebody who more shares my beliefs.”

Among those beliefs, said Osteen, is that the Bible explicitly instructs Christians to support the nation of Israel. Thus, said the pastor, “We stand with the Israeli people.”

Osteen expressed empathy with the Palestinian people, who currently are seeking statehood. “Our hearts go out to the Palestinian people,” said Osteen. “They want peace. They want to live their life in victory, as well.”

The popular pastor and his wife Victoria actually visited Israel this past February, where their “Night of Hope” worship service played to a full auditorium. Contrary to perceptions here in the United States, Victoria Osteen told CNN’s Morgan, the couple found Israel “very peaceful.”

The Osteens appeared on Morgan’s nightly show to promote the pastor’s latest book, Every Day a Friday, which this week hit Number 1 on the New York Times Advice, How-To, and Miscellaneous Hardcover best seller list.

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Watch videos from the interview below:

Source: Joseph Perkins, Christian Post

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