Somali Pirates Who Killed Missionaries Will Serve Life in Prison

Del Rey Yacht ClubTwo Somali men will spend the rest of their lives in prison for hijacking a yacht off the coast of Africa and killing the four Americans on board, a federal judge in Norfolk, Va., ruled Monday.

Pictured: FILE 2011: A man jogs past the Del Rey Yacht Club where Jean and Scott Adams, two of the four Americans killed by Somali pirates, were members in Marina Del Rey, Calif.

Muhidin Salad Omar and Mahdi Jama Mohamed pleaded guilty to killing missionaries Jean and Adam Scott along with their friends Bob Riggle and Phyllis Macay in May 2011.

The Scotts had been living on their boat, the Quest, since 2002. They were on a mission to distribute Bibles around the world when the hijacking took place.

Nineteen Somali pirates raided the vessel in hopes of bringing the Americans to Somalia to be ransomed.

Their plans went awry when they realized U.S. Navy warships were shadowing the Quest. The pirates fatally shot all four passengers.

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Source: CBN News

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