Religious Communities Agree to Promote Religious Freedom in Mexican Dispute

An international Christian organization working for religious freedom through advocacy and human rights, is welcoming the recent agreement signed by Catholic and Protestant leaders and the government to resolve a religious conflict in the village of San Rafael Tlanalapan, Mexico.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW)  says that in the agreement, both religious communities agree to promote religious freedom and tolerance in their community.

According to CSW, the situation in San Rafael Tlanalapan, located in Puebla State in central Mexico, received international press coverage when in early September, hardline traditionalists threatened to “lynch and crucify” approximately seventy Protestant members of the community. Many of the Protestants fled or took refuge in the church.

CSW says that according to local press reports the Catholic Church took quick steps to remove the local priest accused of instigating the conflict. Puebla State officials also intervened and over the course of the month helped to negotiate an agreement between both religious communities.

In a media update, CSW explained: “In the written agreement, signed by government officials and representatives on both sides, Catholics and Protestants agreed to promote religious freedom, encourage respect for one another and other religious groups, and to instruct their religious leaders to promote the rule of law. In addition, the Protestants promised to move their place of worship within the town in order to help avoid future tensions and the government officials agreed to offer support in the process of relocation.”

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Source: Michael Ireland, ASSIST News Service

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