Pastor of Jerusalem’s Largest Messianic Congregation Seeks Truth in Palestinian Authority’s Recent Push for Statehood


The pastor of Jerusalem’s largest Messianic congregation says the truth about the Palestinian Authority’s recent push for statehood isn’t being told–and he intends to change that.
Israelis wrap an Israeli flag banner on the uppermost stonework of Damascus Gate. (AP Images/Jacqueline Larma)

Wayne Hilsden, senior pastor of King of Kings Community, says most Palestinian Israelis living in Jerusalem would rather remain under the current Israeli government’s jurisdiction than a newly recognized Palestinian state. Hilsden cited a recent survey conducted in partnership with Israel’s Council on Foreign Relations, which found that 35 percent of Jerusalem’s Arab residents would prefer to remain Israeli citizens–and even more would be willing to relocate if their neighborhoods became part of a Palestinian state.
“It’s a message that most of the world is not hearing,” says Hilsden. “And the fact that Palestinians themselves, for the most part, are not overwhelmingly supportive of Palestinian state should tell the rest of the world that maybe a Palestinian state is not the answer to this problem.”
Of the remaining Arab residents surveyed by the council, 30 percent wish to live under a Palestinian state, and 35 percent would not provide responses. But Hilsden, who has lived in Jerusalem since 1983, says it’s the last segment–those who won’t respond–that proves how complex this issue really is. Hilsden says Arab pastors who work closely within the Palestinian territories have found the majority of Arabs would rather be under Israeli rule, but many are afraid to publicly side with the Jewish nation.
Source: Charisma News | STEFANIE SCHARTEL

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