‘Longevity’ Describes Andrae Crouch’s Gospel Music Journey

AndraeCrouch.jpgIt has been said that gospel music legend Andrae Crouch makes the kind of music that touches you in the pit of the heart.

It is music, according to another legend, Rance Allen, that people love because of the impact it has on a person when they hear it.
“God has truly blessed him with the ability to do a gospel music that is pleasing,” said Allen. “And not only that, it has longevity written all over it.”
For Crouch, it has simply been him expressing just how good God has been to him and his thankfulness for God’s love.
“It all seems like a fairytale,” said the Grammy award winner. “I am so thankful that God has favored me and opened so many doors.”
Five years since his last project, Crouch is releasing a new CD, Journey. Crouch enlisted the creativity and talents of Kim Burrell & Take 6, Chaka Khan and Sheila E, along with Allen and Pastor Marvin Winans for his newest project.
“Every song is different,” he said. “I did not want to try and be something that I am not on this project. I wanted to be true to myself and who I am as a musician and communicator.”
Even though Crouch is lauded for him impact and influence on the gospel music industry, he continues to be humbled. He finds himself a fan of great singers and talent, and oftentimes finds himself acting as a fan to such artists as Winans and Burrell.
He said Winans blew him away, as well as Burrell.
“I was surprised that some of these people said yes when I asked them to be a part of this project,” he said. “I have always loved their music, their concepts, and the gift that God has given them. I did not think they would be so willing to sing a song with me or for me.”
Crouch laughs as he remembers how Burrell got involved. He ran into her one day and she asked him, “When are you going to let me sing on one of your records, boy?”
He told her he was working on Journey and asked if she was really serious.
“‘Are you kidding,’ she said to me. God has opened so many doors for me,” he said. “I am so grateful that the Lord has favored me to be acquainted me with such wonderful talent. “
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SOURCE: The Grio

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