Ukrainian Church Leaders Commemorate Massacre of Jews in WWII

Babi Yar massacreUkrainian Christians from various denominations joined together on Tuesday, September, 20, 2011, to hold a joint “In Remembrance of Life” memorial service dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the mass shooting in Babi Yar in September, 1941.

During the moving service, held near to the Babi Yar area of Kiev, the Christian leaders emphasized respect for the Jewish population still living in Ukraine.

In 1941, Babi Yar became a mass grave for 100,000 people, the majority of whom were Jews, and it became a symbol of the Holocaust and Nazi violations in Ukraine.

During the first two days (September 29-30, 1941) alone, 37,000 Jewish women, old men and children were killed there and still the killings continued. Among the victims were also people who defended Jews at the cost of their own lives.

One of the speakers, Doctor Grigori Komendant, Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Churches and Religious Organizations Council, noted that Ukrainians had been defeated in history by “wars, famines, natural disasters, anthropogenic disasters and times of sick economy” for which he blamed a number of “curses.”

He underlined that Anti-Semitism has had an “enormously negative impact” on the country and that “the Ukrainian land is waiting for forgiveness and healing.”

Victor Alekseenko, President of the Adventist Church in Ukraine, told the crowd that he considered Jewish people as “potential candidates” for the Kingdom of God.

He went onto say that Jews were the “backbone of the first church” and added that we should remember that experience, because “Jews are carriers of God’s blessings.”

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Source: Victoria Uzunova | Christian Telegraph

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