Should Pastors Marry Couples Who Are Shacking Up?


New survey finds most pastors will. Is that right?

A new poll conducted by LifeWay Research reports that 58 percent of Protestant pastors would perform a marriage ceremony for a cohabitating couple; 31 percent would not, and 10 percent were undecided.
There was some variation between mainline and evangelical pastors. When asked, “Will you perform a marriage ceremony for a couple whom you know is living together?” 68 percent of mainline pastors said yes compared with 57 percent of evangelicals. 24 percent of mainline pastors and 34 percent of evangelicals said no.
What do you think? Would you marry a cohabitating couple? Why or why not? You can also check out what others have been saying in response to the survey at Christianity Today’s website.

SOURCE: Leadership Today
Url Scaramanga

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