Obama Strangely Calls America ‘Soft’ Even Though Two Women Have Called him the ‘First Female President’, and he Has Been the Most Pro-Homosexual President in the History of America

Obama-calls-American-people-Soft.jpgVice President Joe Biden told a public radio station in Miami that while the state of the economy might be the fault of the previous Republican administration, the public is still understandably angry at the party in power for the dismal state of the economy.

His message to his interviewer and a liberal audience: Blaming Bush isn’t helping and is “not relevant” right now, so cut it out.
Biden, though, offered hope to his audience that the time would come again soon in which Democrats could profitably attack Republicans on the economy.
“Right now — understandably, totally legitimate — this is a referendum on Obama and Biden and the nature and state of the economy. It’s soon going to be a choice,” Biden told public broadcasting listeners.
Biden’s implicit promise is that once he and Obama have a Republican with whom to draw contrasts, it will be easier to remind Americans which party is really to blame for the sour situation of the nation. The vice president summed up the Obama 2012 message: We may be no picnic, but the other guys are worse.
It’s an improbable-seeming strategy in which voters must first be convinced that the current president and his team did the best they could in dire circumstances and that while things are bad now, they could have been much worse.
While the vice president was reaching out to the base in Florida, President Obama was talking to a larger audience in the Sunshine State in an interview with the NBC affiliate from Orlando as part of his effort to shore up his deteriorating status in the swing state.
In the interview, Obama shed some light on how he aims to pull off the “it could have been worse” pitch for 2012. The answer seems to be that the administration will embrace the idea of America as a declining power as a way to lower the expectations for his governance.
Telling the TV station that America has gotten “a little soft” over the past two decades, Obama promised that his program will help burn off the flab and pump up the national fitness. By spending money to shore up government payrolls at stimulus levels and fund public works projects the president aims to rebuild the nation’s muscle tone while simultaneously burning off some of the fat by pumping up the tax rates on those earning over $200,000.
Source: Fox News | Chris Stirewalt

WATCH: Two White Pulitzer-Prize Winning Female Columnists Say Obama Has Female Traits; They May Have Their Finger on the Problem with Our President

First Run on BCNN1.com on July 25, 2010

DOWD-PARKER-large.jpgTwo Pulitzer Prize winning columnists took aim at President Barack Obama on Wednesday. The Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker called him the “first female president” and The New York Times’s Maureen Dowd declared that Obama has a “humanoid” problem.


Parker posted a controversial column on Wednesday entitled “Obama: Our first female president” in which she argues that the President “displays many tropes of femaleness.”
Parker explains that when it comes to dealing with crises, Obama maybe be suffering from a “rhetorical-testosterone deficit” and his reaction to the BP oil crisis is “a textbook case of how Obama’s rhetorical style has impeded his effectiveness.” Parker argues that his style is female in nature because like women, Obama tends to act more passively and form circles to talk out problems instead of taking immediate action.
The president’s actions in the wake of the BP disaster has been a case-in-point, according to Parker.
When asked about Parker’s column in an appearance on”Good Morning America” Dowd told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that Obama is more of a “humanoid” than a woman. She agrees with Parker that the president has a tendency to wait and look before acting, but she says it is not really male or female trait, “it’s a problem.”
In the past, Hillary and Sarah Palin were criticized for their “male management traits” which take the form of a “my way or the highway” approach, Dowd said, whereas Obama turns to “consensus and compromise.” Dowd said this characteristic may be a result of the way he was raised, because unlike Presidents George W. Bush and John F. Kennedy, Obama did not grow up with a “rich daddy” to provide him with the confidence to make bold decisions.
Watch Dowd on “Good Morning America”:

Source: Huffington Post

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