Who Is Shane Hipps?


Now that Rob Bell has decided to leave Mars Hill to pursue other ventures in Los Angeles and probably to infinity and beyond, some are wondering which direction fellow Mars Hill teaching pastor Shane Hipps will go if the baton is handed to him. Will he keep things moving down the same emergent path that Rob paved for the church?

Shane gives us an insight into his theological approach in a blog posting earlier this month. It offers a glimmer of hope, but only if Shane is able to make the full transition “back to the future.”
There is much in his blog to reveal that Shane, like Rob, is currently in a different theological galaxy than most born again people in our world today. Shane wrote on September 14, “If you haven’t died, you can only speculate about what happens to you and everyone else….I have never died, so I don’t have a theological position on heaven or hell. I can only entertain theological possibilities.” Ouch! That one is “gonna leave a mark.”
Shane’s view is far different than what the apostles and millions of other Christian martyrs believed when they were put to death because of their faith in Christ. They had a “blessed assurance” that heaven was absolutely their eternal home through faith in Jesus. They based this knowledge and assurance upon God’s promises to them in His Word.
Shane went on to write, “I take a position when I know something with certainty. Almost always through direct experience. If someone pinches me, I don’t believe they pinched me. I know it. I experienced it. It doesn’t reside somewhere in my head. Nothing to debate. It happened.”
But then why does Shane go on to write this: “I’m only aware of one person who died, and I mean really died, like three days dead, and came back to life again. His name was Jesus.”
Source: Christian Post | Dan Delzell

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