Pakistani Christian Teen Accused of Blasphemy Flees Hometown

The 8th grade Christian girl expelled from her school on an accusation of blasphemy when she misspelled a term of praise for Mohammad has fled from her hometown with her family fearing for their lives.

According to the Pakistan Christian Post (PCP), the blasphemy charge was filed against Faryal Tauseef Bhatti, 13, a student at Sir Syed High School.

Bhatti’s troubles began when her teacher, Farida Bibi, checked her test paper. Instead of using a word of praise for Mohammad, she used a word–close in spelling–which means curse.

Bibi reported her student’s “blasphemy” to the school principal, who opted to immediately expel Bhatti from school.

PCP said the news of the alleged blasphemy of Mohammad’s name by a Christian student spread quickly in the small town of Havelian. Muslims launched protests to punish Bhatti.

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Source: Jeremy Reynalds, ASSIST News Service

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