NewsOne says Roland Martin is the Baddest Pundit on TV

Roland MartinAcross our media landscape the number of Black faces representing us as
anchors, pundits, and hosts are slim to none. But in the last decade, a
number of esteemed journalists, politicians, and educators have made the
transition from their respectful careers to the TV screen analyzing
everything from civil rights issues to entertainment, sports, and

Here at NewsOne we decided to create a list of the most influential
and important Black news pundits on the air today. Some of these pundits
host their own TV shows, appear on networks like CNN, Fox News, and
MSNBC, and also hold their own town halls across the country tackling
various issues affecting the Black community.

Our list is ranked according to who we think is the top Black news
pundit today. Feel free to re-order the list and provide us with your

1. Roland Martin

And coming in at number 1, there is no bigger personality on the TV screen than CNN contributor and TV One host, Roland Martin.

The American author and syndicated columnist, Martin, shot to fame
during the 2008 election’s with his straight to the point commentary
injected with his down south flavor.

The 2008 elections skyrocketed Martin into stardom.

Martin is a commentator for TV One and the host of Washington Watch with Roland Martin, a one-hour Sunday morning news show on the network. He is also a CNN contributor, appearing on a variety of shows, including Campbell Brown: No Bias, No BullThe Situation RoomAnderson Cooper‘s AC360Lou Dobbs Tonight, and many others. In October 2008, he joined the Tom Joyner Morning Show as senior analyst.

2. Donna Brazile

Close, but no cigar.

Coming in at number two is the veteran pundit on this list, the legendary Donna Brazile.

Brazile, who was the first African American to direct a major
campaign for a presidential candidate (Al Gore, 2000), has earned the
respect of numerous TV networks most notably, CNN.

She is a weekly contributor to CNN’s Situation Room and American
Morning. She also contributes to NPR’s Political Corner and ABC News.

3. Rev. Al Sharpton

If someone told you 20 years ago that Rev. Al Sharpton would be one
of the top 3 Black news pundits in the world in 2011, you would have
laughed at them.

But the person with the last laugh is Rev. Al Sharpton.

The firebrand civil rights activist has transformed his image in the
last two decades. He hosts his own radio show, Keepin’ it Real, and
recently became the host of the MSNBC nightly show, Politicsnation.

He also appears on FoxNews on a consistent basis to battle the right-leaning opposition.

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Source: NewsOne

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