Man Who Bombed Saddleback Sister Church in Indonesia Identified

Anton AlamIndonesian police today identified the suicide bomber who detonated eight pipe bombs outside a church building in Solo, Central Java on Sunday. The bomber, Ahmad Yosepa Hayat, killed himself and wounded at least 20 church members.

Pictured: Indonesian police spokesman Maj. Gen. Anton Bachrul Alam holds up portraits of Pino Damayanto, taken before, right, and after a suicide bombing on a church in the Central Java town of Solo, during a press conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, Tuesday. (AP Images/Tatan Syuflana)

“The church never expected anything like this to happen; this [suicide bombing] is indeed the first in church history in Indonesia,” a local source, who preferred to go unnamed, told Compass.

Police had been searching for Pino Damayanto, who used the alias of Ahmad Yosepa Hayat, in connection with a previous suicide bombing at a Cirebon, West Java mosque inside a police station in April, local news agency Antara reported. In that incident, the bomber died and 30 were injured.

Five men connected with the April bombing managed to escape arrest, National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Anton Bachrul Alam told Antara. The men were in possession of 15 pipe bombs. Hayat, who was one of the five, detonated eight of those bombs in Sunday’s attack, leaving seven bombs unaccounted for.

Police on Monday found a similar bomb outside the Maranatha Church in Ambon city, on the island of Ambon.

“This is the fourth bomb we’ve found in Ambon since Thursday,” Alam told reporters from The Jakarta Globe. “We still don’t know if these are related to the Solo bombing.”

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Source: Compass Direct News | Charisma News

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