Herman Cain Book to be Released Next Week


Herman Cain will follow up his best week yet on the presidential campaign trail with the publication of a characteristically defiant memoir that traces his life from childhood to his imagined arrival at the White House.

“Well, I’m just about at the elevator up to the family quarters. But bear with me for just a minute more as I confirm who I am. It’s obvious; I’m the president of the United States of America!” Cain writes in “This is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House,” to be released next week by Threshold Editions, a Simon & Schuster imprint.
In the chapter devoted to his hypothetical first term, the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO dreams of strolling the West Wing with memories of people he’s met on the trail in his mind.
Cain writes that he is “giving thought” to replacing ‘Obamacare’ with ‘Caincare” on his first day in office, describing the latter as “formulating a compassionate approach to providing the best possible diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care for Americans of all ages.”
But first, he pledges to pare down the fanfare of his swearing-in, including limiting the number of inaugural balls.
“Yes, there will be only one,” he writes, later adding that instead, he and his wife will host “a series of celebratory occasions.”
His wife of 43 years, Gloria, has been almost entirely absent from the campaign, but Cain writes that she’s also sketching out her future and the role she’d play as first lady.
“Gloria wants to come up with a ‘Grandmommy Project,” something to do with the children,” Cain writes.
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SOURCE: Politico
Juana Summers

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