Congress Probes Planned Parenthood


The pro-life movement may be on the verge of scoring another big win that could land huge dividends.

Florida Republican Rep. Cliff Stearns wants Planned Parenthood to come clean about its practices, policies, and procedures in the wake of increased criticism and scrutiny of America’s largest abortion provider.
“Planned Parenthood has an extensive record of violating state sexual assault and child abuse reporting laws, and of encouraging young girls to lie about their ages to circumvent state reporting laws,” Rep. Stearns said in a statement to CBN News.
As chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s investigative arm, Rep. Stearns wrote a letter earlier this month demanding information about Planned Parenthood’s handling of federal funds and its compliance with federal laws as they relate to abortion funding.
Rep. Stearns’ letter, which gives Planned Parenthood two weeks to respond, clearly illustrates that he means business. Here are a few examples of what he requested:
– Please provide any official documentation that ensures federal money received by PPFA (Planned Parenthood Federation of America) and its affiliates is not being used impermissibly to subsidize abortion.
– Please describe how the segregation between family planning and abortion services is accomplished, how this segregation is monitored for compliance, and what internal audits, controls, or overviews are conducted to ensure this.
– Please provide a summary of how PPFA detects criminal conduct (e.g. suspected sexual abuse or sex trafficking) and the policies and procedures in place to prevent it or report it.
Planned Parenthood accuses Rep. Stearns of playing politics but states on its website that it is responding to the request “in a timely manner.”
“This politically motivated investigation is a continuation of the efforts of earlier this year to undermine Planned Parenthood, and more disturbingly, women’s access to the primary and preventive care they need,” said Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood’s president.
Source: CBN Beltway Buzz

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