Neurosurgeon Dr. David Levy Talks About How Prayer Helps his Patients Face the Difficult Times


Neurosurgeon Dr. David Levy wanted to bring his faith into his practice because he believed that he needed to use all the means God can use for healing – even prayer.  Since he has addressed his patients’ spirituality and made prayer a part of his regular interactions with his patients, he has seen positive results.  He says his patients’ lives have reached levels in their spiritual, physical, and emotional health that they never had before. 

It was not always this way.  Because faith and medicine are separate, Dr. Levy was concerned that he could lose the respect of his peers and his patients if he combined them.  He struggled with the decision to pray for his patients, but a visit to the dentist changed that.  Dr. Levy went to his dentist one day.  His dentist noticed Dr. Levy was nervous and said a short prayer for him.  Dr. Levy noticed that shortly after his dentist prayed he felt peace.  As Dr. Levy experienced the benefit of prayer personally as a patient, it renewed his own conviction to pray for his patients.  
Later, he felt like he “heard a voice” telling him to pray for one of his patients, Mrs. Jones.   He was feeling terrified, but finally he asked Mrs. Jones if he could pray for her.  She agreed.   Dr. Levy wasn’t comfortable praying in front of anyone yet, and the nurse was still in the room.  He waited until the nurse left the room, but then the anesthesiologist came in.  Dr. Levy still didn’t feel comfortable, so he waited.   When everyone left the room besides Mrs. Jones and her family, he asked if he could pray.  Then, he said a short prayer and asked God for the skill and wisdom for the surgery.  Dr. Levy says the prayer was simple, but found Mrs. Jones and the bystanders were weeping.  For Dr. Levy, the prayer gave him peace and he had joy for performing the surgery that he never had before.  Later, Mrs. Jones thanked Dr. Levy and said she felt peace.  
Dr. Levy started to feel more comfortable praying for patients but still found that the most tormenting part was waiting for the nurse to leave.  Then he felt like God was asking him what was he afraid of?  Dr. Levy was afraid that they would talk about it around the hospital. Then he felt like God was telling him if he felt that way he should stop.   He sensed that God was also telling him to be the person he was, and he had to be authentic even if people didn’t understand.  If he believed prayer was good for patients and a sacred time and moment, then he should continue.  One day, a nurse told him that most of the nurses noticed he had been praying with patients.  Then she asked him if the nurses could be included during the prayer time. 
Source: CBN The 700 Club

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