Brazilian Christian Creates Social Network for Missionaries Around the World

A young member of the Assembly of God Life Ministry, in north Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has created a site where missionaries from all over the world are able to send messages directly to cell phones and provide information about what is happening in their mission fields.

The project, called RM Messenger, is a pioneer in the global network and allows missionaries to communicate with each other and send news across the world.
33-years-old Felipe Pinheiro has been involved in mission work for a long time, and saw the need to share experiences with other brothers and sisters in Christ, according to Brazilian publication CPAD.
“I was the mission ministry leader of the church where I congregated and felt the need to create a unique tool for the Church where evangelicals could reach other evangelicals so we could pray for each other, and help each other,” said Pinheiro.
He says the first message sent through the website was in December 2009 by a missionary who is in Sao Tome and Principe, a small archipelago of Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and Nigeria. The missionary asked for prayers for the children who were in a hospital where she worked.
The Messenger uses MRI technology and has became a social network that allows users to invite friends and post messages with pictures and videos between members of the church.
Source: Christian Post | Andrea Marcela Madambashi 

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