Pakistani Christian Mother of 5 ‘Raped’ by Muslims

Arifa Mushtaq (name changed for security reasons), a 32-year-old Christian mother of five — three boys and two girls — was allegedly raped earlier this month by three Muslims in the village of Mustafabad, Kasur district.

Arifa, whose oldest daughter is studying in the sixth grade and the wife Mushtaq Masih, who works at the Kasur sanitation department is said to be “devastated” with what occurred to his wife.
He told an ANS reporter, “Arifa was working in a garment factory, and on the Thursday evening of the attack, she was coming home from work. When she got off the bus, two local residents grabbed her from the back and another armed accomplice came and put a gun on her head.
“My wife yelled for help and she begged them to let her go for the sake of the children, but those animals took her to a nearby house and one by one raped her.” 
After the attack, Arifa was admitted to a local hospital and her husband has filed a complaint at the local police station which has been registered.
But now I have learned that two of the men are now threatening Mushtaq Masih and his family, that if he doesn’t withdraw his case against them, all his children will “go through what his wife has gone through.”
The investigation officer assisted the alleged culprits to get bail before arrest and has been pressurizing Masih to withdraw the case.
Source: Assist News | Rodrick Samson 

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