Is Rick Perry’s Presidential Campaign in Trouble?


Texas Governor and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry had a bad week last week and it ended with many political pundits seriously questioning his ability to win the Republican party’s nomination. 

Texas Governor Rick Perry (L) speaks as former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney looks on during the Republican Party of Florida presidential candidates debate in Orlando, Florida September 22, 2011.

After a lackluster debate last Thursday and losing the Florida straw poll over the weekend, it is evident that Perry’s once smooth-sailing campaign is hitting quite a few bumps.
While Perry is still statistically the GOP frontrunner, numbers show his nomination is far from a shoe-in. A CNN/ORC International Poll released on Monday indicates that Perry leads former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, 28 percent to 21 percent. The next closest candidate, Newt Gingrich, comes in third with 10 percent support, according to the poll which was conducted Sept. 23-25 with 1,010 adults surveyed. The margin of error is +/- 3.1 percent.
Two weeks ago Perry had a twelve-point lead over Romney. That lead has now fallen to seven percent.
The poll reveals more troubling news for the Texan: his numbers in the general election haven’t moved, according to the poll. Romney is still the stronger GOP candidate against President Obama. Perry trails Obama among all registered voters, 51 percent to 46 percent, exactly where he was the weekend he launched his campaign. That was the last time CNN had done a matchup between Perry and Obama. Romney’s numbers against Obama haven’t changed much since the last poll either; however, he trails Obama by just a single percentage point.
Perry’s troubles originate with his lackluster debate skills. In his three debate appearances since he entered the race in August, Perry has failed to impress. According to many political pundits, last Thursday’s debate may have been the worst. Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin even went so far as to say that “any random high schooler at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in Washington could have done better than [Perry].”
Many on the political right are disappointed that Perry – a seasoned politician and the longest continuously serving current U.S. governor – cannot seem to adequately attack Romney on his weaknesses, which include flip-flopping on social issues. Instead, he seems to trip over his own words. Ann Coulter tweeted during the debate: “Governor Perry losing debate with his own tongue.”
Source: Christian Post | Amanda Winkler

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