Herman Cain says Rick Perry Is Not Ready for ‘Primetime’

Cain-Perry-300x153.pngHerman Cain continues to make the media rounds today after his first- place finish at the Florida Straw Poll Saturday.

Cain spoke with Megyn Kelly on “America Live,” explaining how he was able to beat the “media-proclaimed” frontrunners in Florida. Using far fewer resources, including a rented bus, he was able to crush Rick Perry and Mitt Romney by more than double. He credits his 9-9-9 plan as something that resonated with voters across the Sunshine State.
Despite Cain’s win, focus has shifted to Rick Perry, with Cain’s win being labeled a protest against Perry and the state of the GOP candidate field. Cain decried the leanings of the media and “political establishment,” saying, “They are still in denial that this long shot has a shot. The American people are showing little, by little, by little, that they’re not going to be influenced by the flavor of the week, they’re not going to be influenced by all of the hype.”
He added, “People can call it a protest vote all they want to. I don’t see it as a protest vote.”
Every Republican presidential nominee since Ronald Reagan has won the Florida Straw Poll. Those who try to detract from his win, Cain responds, “I think, that’s just their way of trying to spin it because they didn’t win it.”
In past interviews, Cain has avoided going after rivals. But today, he came out strong in his criticism of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s performance in the Fox News/Tea Party debate.
Source: ABC News | Susan Archer

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