Christians Fight Modern Slavery in Pakistan

Naveed_Walter_Speaking_at_HRFP-GHRD_FMS_Rally.jpgTwo Christian groups in Pakistan — Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) and Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD) — have joined hands in a campaign to fight modern slavery which they say is rampart in their country.

“HRFP, as a partner of GHRD, is striving to protect and restore human and legal rights of those who are badly affected by various forms of modern slavery especially human trafficking and bonded labor,” said Zohaib Newton, Program Coordinator, Human Rights Focus Pakistan.
Mr. Newtold told the ASSIST News Service that recently, the two groups joined together to organize a “Fight Modern Slavery” rally on September 16, 2011.
At the event, Christian protestors took the streets by the press club in Faisalabad to register their opposition to what is going on in Pakistan.
“The protest was against bonded labor and human trafficking which are recognized as the most popular and profitable offenses in the crime industry and are also human rights violations,” said Newton. “It was also to highlight the human rights of both women and children in our society.
“The preliminary objective of the rally was to create awareness among the general public about these problems, but another motive of this rally was to raise the sensitivity of these issue and the problems of the affected victims to the policy makers of Government.
Mr. Naveed Walter, President of HRFP, Mr. George Clement, former Member of the National Assembly and Parliamentary Secretary of Foreign Affairs, as well as and Dr. Johnson (Social Activist) were the main speakers of this event.
Source: Assist News  |  Dan Wooding

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