Black Church Vows to Bring 10 Million Black Males Back to Church


Starting Sunday, September 25, 2011, the National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) is officially inviting African American men back to church.  NBCI is working to make sure 10 million black males return to church over the next 10 years.

NBCI’s press release noted national partnerships with major black religious leaders and denominations in response to the serious issues facing African American men, including rising levels of incarceration, drug use and unwed fatherhood.
Rev. Anthony Evans, President of NBCI says, “NBCI has no other greater mission than to re-establish God’s order – the first step being to call our men back to church.  We are committed to devoting a half a million dollars and a million hours of evangelism to get black men back into our pews.  There is something missing from the heart of the black church – the presence of our black brothers will heal hearts, minds and families.”
This Sunday marks the national kick off for the big invite back.  Cities across the country will follow the national kick off by hosting kick-offs in their respective cities. NBCI reports an overwhelming response from over one thousand churches to partner in this effort. In preparation churches across the country have organized teams of 10 or more African American males to serve as evangelistic arms of the church to spread the word and invite black men back to church.
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SOURCE: Politic365
Bederia Moore

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