BBC Taking the Heat for ‘Writing Out Christianity’

The BBC has come under strong criticism after reports appeared in the media stating that it is encouraging the use of the secular date references Common Era and Before Common Era, over Anno Domini and Before Christ.

Anger has grown following a recent article by Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens, who accused the British broadcaster of bowing to political correctness and attempting to “write Christianity out of our culture” after University Challenge presenter Jeremy Paxman used CE rather than AD in reference to a date.
The BBC clarified in a statement on Saturday that it does not insist on the use of the CE and BCE terms.
“The BBC has not issued guidance on the dates system. Both AD and BC, and CE and BCE are widely accepted dates systems and the decision on which term to use lies with individual production and editorial teams,” it said.
James Naughtie, the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Today program, told The Telegraph he was not aware of any change.
“Nobody has suggested this to me, and if they do, they will get a pithy answer, which may be too pithy to share with readers of the Telegraph,” he said.
Source: Christian Today

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