All Out, a Homosexual Rights Group, Puts the Heat on PayPal to Drop Accounts Run by Religious, Christian Organizations that Stand Against Homosexuality


All Out, a leading international LGBT rights organization, has been pressuring PayPal to shut down the accounts of “hate groups” who are against homosexual lifestyles since earlier this month.

The organization, which boasts of more than 559,000 members, claims the groups are using the online payment site to raise funds for a “dangerous cause.”
“Thanks to PayPal, it’s easier than ever to send and receive money across currencies and continents – but it is also PayPal’s responsibility to make sure this technology doesn’t fall in the wrong hands,” All Out asserted on its site. “Anti-LGBT extremists all over the world are currently using PayPal to fundraise for their dangerous cause.”
The campaign has collected more than 37,000 signatures. The group has contended that “anti-LGBT extremist groups” “damage PayPal’s brand and credibility.”
Under pressure, the leading payment service has dropped several accounts, including that of Dove World Outreach Ministries, the infamous Quran burning pastor Terry Jones’ site, as well as Noua Dreaptă, a nationalist organization in Romania and Moldova.
Many of the groups All Out is targeting are religious, Christian organizations that speak openly about their stance on homosexuality, which they consider to be a sin.
Source: Christian Post | Eryn Sun

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