WATCH: Pastor Kenneth Basknight of Virginia Starts Golden Age Food for Life to Provide Food and Medication for Needy Seniors

Kenneth BasknightIn 2008, Pastor Kenneth Basknight was shocked to learn of a huge problem facing senior citizens in his community. Many of them were hungry.

“We have some stale, molded bread that we toast that we scrape it, and that’s what we’re using right now,'” Basknight said one of his elderly neighbors told him.

“It just blew my mind,” the pastor said. “I had no idea it existed. No idea. I said, ‘God I’ve got to help.'”

Golden Age Food for Life

That conversation started Basknight on a mission to feed as many hungry seniors as possible.

Eventually, he started Golden Age Food for Life, an outreach program that “provides free food to senior citizens who are ineligible or receive little to no help from Social Services,” according to the ministry’s website.

Once a week, the pastor and his team of volunteers pack donated food to deliver to 70 to 80 needy seniors across Virginia’s Hampton Roads region each week.

“Out of every senior that we fed, they either had $12 to $15 or they were denied food stamps for the month,” Basknight said.

“This is a complete care package. It has tuna fish, corn bread, gravy, fruits, string beans, black eyed peas, Uncle Ben’s rice , macaroni and cheese and it’s all complete,” Basknight told CBN News.

Many elderly residents who live alone are grateful for the help.

“Thank you for bringing (the food.) I can sure use it,” one recipient said.

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Source: Charlene Israel, CBN News

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