Rhonda Fleming: Meet an ‘Ambassador for Christ’ in Hollywood

Darol and Rhonda Fleming, and Susan StaffordSitting quietly with her husband, Darol Wayne Carlson, in the audience of the Thirteenth Annual Media Fellowship International Praise Brunch at the historic Beverly Hills Hotel in Southern California on Saturday, September 17, 2011, was Rhonda Fleming, a true Hollywood original and, more importantly, an “Ambassador for Christ” in “Tinseltown.”

Pictured: Susan Stafford, Darol and Rhonda pictured at the recent MFI event

Rhonda Fleming (born Marilyn Louis in Hollywood, California, on August 10, 1923, is an American film and television actress who acted in more than 40 films, mostly in the 1940s and 1950s, and became renowned as one of the most beautiful and glamorous actresses of her day.

She was nicknamed the “Queen of Technicolor” because her fair complexion, green eyes and red hair that photographed exceptionally well in Technicolor.

She appeared with stars like Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas, Charlton Heston, Glenn Ford, Burt Lancaster, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Rock Hudson and Ronald Reagan (with whom she made four films) and actually kissed him onscreen on several occasions.

Her extraordinary career began with top featured roles in David O. Selznick’s SPELLBOUND, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, RKO’s OUT OF THE PAST and THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE and leading into starring roles in classics such as CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT, GUNFIGHT AT THE OK CORRAL, HOME BEFORE DARK, PONY EXPRESS, SLIGHTLY SCARLETT, WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS and THE BIG CIRCUS.

After Saturday’s star-studded event at which Wink Martindale, the American TV game show host, was the main speaker and shared his powerful testimony about how he came to be follower of Jesus Christ, Ms. Fleming agreed to talk to me about her present life and her long screen career.

I asked her about how she became a believer, and she replied, “At the age of 18, I was invited to ‘Forest Home’ in Forest Falls, California, where I accepted the Lord as my Savior. That was the wisest thing I ever did, to discover how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which has blessed my life.”

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Source: Dan Wooding, ASSIST News Service

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