Is Hollywood Giving Up on Obama?

Obama and HollywoodWhen Pres. Barack Obama rolls into L.A. next Monday, shaking his tin cup at a pair of big ticket fundraisers at the House of Blues and Fig & Olive, he’ll find Hollywood a chillier place than last time around.

To many A-listers and moguls, 2008 seems a very long time ago.

Turn on the TV, and you’ll find past Obama boosters such as Jon Stewart and Bill Maher ripping into the president with the kind of satiric venom they once applied to George W. Bush.

The enthusiasm drain for the commander-in-chief was very much in evidence at TheGrill, TheWrap’s media leadership conference, earlier this week.

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“It’s called ‘yes we can,’ not ‘yes we can wait for Obama,'” said. The Black Eyed Peas star said that he preferred to concentrate on his own grass-roots efforts to improve America’s educational system.

He’s still given the maximum amount to the president’s re-election efforts, but he may not be helping any campaign videos go viral this year.

And kick-off speaker and former Yahoo and Warner Bros. chief Terry Semel said he was sorry that President Obama hadn’t delivered on his promise to dial down the country’s military adventures.

“I just wish our country would stop engaging in all these different wars that we’ve been involved in,” Semel said. 

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Source: Brent Lang, The Wrap

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