WATCH: Could a Bigger Earthquake Hit the U.S.?

HeartlandQuakes_LW.jpgIn the Bible, Jesus talks about “earthquakes in various places” as signs of the end times.

As several powerful quakes rocked various places around the world last year and so far this year, many are finding those words even more compelling. 
Even the heartland of America has seen an increase in the number of quakes.
The year 2010 began with a deadly earthquake in Haiti. But before the year ended, more than 20 earthquakes struck worldwide, reaching a magnitude of 7.0 or higher — the largest number of major earthquakes in 40 years.
That trend is continuing in places like Japan, Guatamala, the India-Nepal border, and New Zealand.
“They’ve gone home,” reported John Butterworth of Shine TV in New Zealand. “They’ve escaped the carnage. The destruction of their office environment. Made it home alive to find that their house has been damaged or even destroyed.”
The U.S. hasn’t been immune. Last year, strong earthquakes injured people in California and Oklahoma.
Source: CBN News | Mark Martin

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