WATCH: Ed Rollins, Former Campaign Manager for Michele Bachmann, says Bachmann Is Not Ready to Go the Distance


Andrea Mitchell enticed Ed Rollins to go on a tear yesterday, ripping Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), whose campaign he previous ran, as well as Texas Gov. Rick Perry:

Not only does he tell us that Bachmann is essentially toast if she doesn’t win Iowa, but he hints that “coming out of the House of Representatives” she hadn’t really been prepared for the media scrutiny of a presidential contest. He deemed the ferocious criticism of her “absolutely fair criticism.”
Rollins, not willing merely to undermine his own candidate, also went after Perry, suggesting there are “a lot of things that went on” in Texas and promising that instances of cronyism will be revealed as time goes on. He’s only a bit kinder to Mitt Romney, saying “he’s made the evolution slow but sure to [being] more conservative, to fit the primary voters.
Is there some method to his spasm of criticism or is this simply Rollins popping off? Well, he may join the long list of ex-Bachmann aides who left her employ with a bad taste in his mouth. And certainly explaining her weaknesses deflects blame from him.
But Rollins, despite taking the Bachmann gig, has always been an establishment Republican. He now appears to be offering himself as the town crier, attempting to warn the Republican voters of the dangers that lie ahead in electing either of the candidates who shoot from the hip.
Source: Washington Post | Jennifer Rubin

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