Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition “unequivocally deny” the “false and inflammatory claims” of Tommy Bennett Who Alleges That Jackson Frequently Came on to Him During Trips and Meetings

Editor’s Note: This is the second time this weird story has been circulated in the same format, with the same exact words. Now it is showing up in a respected publication called The Christian Post. Below is what we said last time when we ran this story, and this is what we say again:
Even though we appreciate Jesse Jackson’s role in the civil rights movement, is not a fan of Jesse Jackson. If someone accused him of having sex with a woman besides his wife, we would believe that immediately without question because he has done this before, and, of course, that action would be wrong again. But, before you go running and believing that this man has been sexually interested in another man, you need to ask yourself the question, is this another attempt by supporters of Obama’s homosexual agenda to try to discredit key figures connected to the black church who firmly stand against Obama’s ungodly push of the homosexual agenda in an attempt to soften up the church by suggesting that church leaders are a bunch of hypocrites who say one thing against homosexuality, but are actually practicing homosexuality? Now, only God knows who did what, but we doubt if this is true.  

A gay former staffer of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition claims he was sexually harassed by the founder and president, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and discriminated against for years until he was fired in 2009. He is now suing the Illinois organization for $448,300 in back pay and damages.
Tommy Bennett, a radio personality and Rainbow PUSH employee from 2007 to 2009, claims in court documents that Jackson, a civil rights leader, subjected him to perform various duties, including delivering mistresses to his hotel rooms and waiting in the car while he had sex with them. Bennett also alleged that Jackson frequently came on to him during trips and meetings.
Bennett is a regular guest on the syndicated radio program “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” and said his homosexual orientation is widely known. For that reason he believes that Jackson often charged him with handling sexual affairs.
During his travels with the Rainbow PUSH president, Bennett alleged that he was made to “escort women to his room after work hours and clean up his room after sexual intercourse with women,” according to court documents.
Bennett also alleged that Jackson called him to his room multiple times while dressed in his underwear. Court documents show that during one such call, “Rev. Jackson was wearing white brief underwear and instructed Mr. Bennett to apply the cream [for a rash] on his inner thigh.” Bennett refused this request.
Bennett gave other instances in which he claimed Jackson was making sexual advances toward him.
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SOURCE: Christian Post – Stephanie Samuel

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