One Thousand Leaders to Carry the Torch for Revival in UK


Over one thousand UK leaders, gathered in the Great Hall at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 17th September , took up the challenge to ‘Be The Torch’ for UK revival by helping mobilise Christians across the British Isles to fill the stadium for a national day of prayer on 29th September 2012.

At the GDOP London hosted Prayer Summit, leaders from all denominations, streams, networks and ethnic backgrounds responded with arms raised and widespread applause when convener Jonathan Oloyede commissioned them to come back to Wembley in 2012 bringing tens of thousands of praying believers.
This memorable time of commissioning was the climax of an historic day when key national and international leaders shared from the platform including Gerald Coates, Colin Urquhart, evangelist Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham and many others. Facilitators included Bishop Eric Brown, Ian Christensen, Hush Osgood, Ade Omooba, Debra Green, Shirley Brownhill, Stephen Gaukroger, Jane Holloway, Dave Wilson, Celia Collins, Lyndon Bowring, Bishop David Hawkins and Phil Hulks
Delegates from Africa, Australia, Europe and USA stood in prayer with teams from the Isles, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Anglia, Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. There were leaders from many regions within Yorkshire, the Northeast, Northwest, East/West Midlands, South West, South East and London. Over 2000 others watched the gathering LIVE via the GDOP London website.
There was a tangible spirit of unity and hunger for national transformation as leaders joined hands together to pray for the nation. Many remarked that it was a sign of God’s favour as the sun shone all day over Wembley, while other parts of the capital were covered in rain. They all marvelled as a mighty bright rainbow arched right over the stadium just as the event ended.
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Peter Wooding

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