Americans More Skeptical of Obama’s ‘God Talk’ than Rick Perry’s


Ahead of the 2012 elections, it’s not just Gov. Rick Perry and the GOP candidates who are mentioning God.
Obama speaks at 9/11 memorials.

Facing declining approval ratings, President Barack Obama too is ‘ramping up his God talk,’ a group of political scientists told USA Today’s Faith & Reason blog.
Americans are more likely to believe Perry than Obama, who people continue to suspect is Muslim, despite his Christian affiliation, they said.
Obama has recently quoted Bible verses and echoed the refrain of “God Bless America” during 9/11 memorials.
From the post:
Voters think Perry is sincere. Whether they agree or they are terrified by his rhetoric, they think he means it. But, says (University of Washington professor David) Domke, when Obama — the first multi-cultural, multi-racial president and the only one to mention unbelievers in his inaugural address — speaks of God, in any setting, his authenticity is suspect.
Forget that he stepped on to the podium in Springfield, Ill. In 2007 to announce his candidacy for the presidential race after a Gospel choir sand and that his opening words gave glory to God. Forget that he’s spoken of his personal salvation in churches and prayer breakfasts. Says Domke,
‘For a Republican, you need a prayer rally. For a Democrat, you just need an opening prayer and more than that makes liberals nervous.’
The prayer rally reference likely is one to Perry, who gathered an estimated 30,000 people at an event last month to pray for God’s favor on America.
Source: Houston Chronicle | Kate Shellnutt

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